R.A.I.D. is Random Acts of Irreverent Dance, a performance collective with a mission: to promote body positivity, manifest radical inclusivity, foster creative empowerment & exhibit playful irreverence, through dance-based performance.

RAID creates unique performances for music festivals, dance clubs, corporate events, conferences, and private events. We'd love to help you realize how your event can become a truly magical experience. 

“The madness usually gets topped off around midnight when R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) takes the stage for interpretive movement that’s as sassy and scrambled as the music creators A+D and DJ Paul V. provide on the decks.” - LA Weekly

Where It All Began...

In 2007, there were three concepts floating around in my head: flash mobs, radical inclusivity, and Augusto Boal. Flash mobs were quickly becoming popular, and as a graduate student in dance theory, the idea of culture jamming through dance quickly piqued my interest. I had spent a few years immersed in Burning Man projects, and the tactic of “radical inclusivity” allowed me to take part in art projects of immense scale, where the artists had made interactivity a part of the fabrication process. Radical inclusivity meant that anyone could take part in building a piece of art, so long as they were willing to pick up a hammer, take direction, and put in the labor.

Making art a revolutionary process through radical inclusivity reminded me of the radical writings of Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theater practitioner. Boal was adamant about breaking down barriers between performers and audience member, by turning “spectators” into “spect-actors”. I saw visions of breaking down barriers between dancers and “non-dancers”, or those who felt they weren’t good enough, thin enough, young enough, X-enough to enjoy dancing and have the opportunity to perform. A spark was lit inside of me to create a project that would seize the exclusive, classist, sexist, racist, ageist, sizeist arena of performance dance, and bust it wide open. Random Acts of Irreverent Dance could no longer just sit in my head as a clever acronym. It was time to RAID the dance floor.

Nine years later, and with over 100 members on our roster, R.A.I.D. continues to perform in dance clubs, at music festivals, in television shows & music videos, and at private events. Combining free-form dance with choreographed pieces, tailor-made for each performance opportunity, RAID brings a constantly evolving sense of vitality to the stage, one glitter-soaked dance at time. Along the way, we have danced with some of the biggest names in electronic music, such as David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Kaskade, and Jack Ü; with Los Angeles-based alternative bands Mini Mansions, Fever The Ghost and LA Font; and at massive events such as Desert Daze, Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, HARD Summer, Comic-Con and E3. We have been the resident dance crew at Bootie LA for eight years, performing every Saturday at various venues all over Los Angeles.

In 2013, we were a featured act on “America’s Got Talent.” RAID continues to flourish, foster new creative outlets for its members, and put on one HELL of a live show. RAID literally plucks people out of the audience and gives them a vehicle for their imaginations. RAID does all of this while refusing to bow down to societal decrees about who gets to dance on stage, how they should be dancing, and what costumes they should be wearing. In Random Acts of Irreverent Dance, we welcome the revolution.

- Ramie Becker, Founder